Hand in hand with Colombo, made in China goes abroad

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  Case background

  In 2015, the national water authority of Sri Lanka launched the "zoning metering and pipe network facilities reconstruction project" in Colombo. The project is a loan project from the Asian investment bank, and the general contractor is CAMCE international. Among them, the design and implementation of zoning metering are undertaken by the open flow instrument. The total investment of the project is USD 160 million, and the main objectives are to increase the scope of water supply, build the zoning measurement of urban water supply pipe network and transform the pipe network facilities.

  Project requirements

  Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, with a resident population of about 650000. In recent years, due to the aging of water supply network and the lack of management measures, the leakage rate has been maintained at a high level of about 40% for a long time. In order to alleviate the current water supply situation, the Colombo Water Authority officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Kailiu in 2016, and officially launched the zoning metering and pipe network facility reconstruction project. The project mainly includes the primary district measurement in Colombo and the replacement of trade settlement statements of some industrial and commercial users. At the same time, the background leakage of pipe network is gradually reduced by means of regional pressure reduction.

  Product application

  Through the implementation of the two-year plan, Colombo has been divided into five primary measurement zones; At the same time, according to the revenue data of the water department, some large water users have been replaced with high-precision electromagnetic water meters and remotely monitored; 28 pressure monitoring points are added to the pipe network. By the end of 2017, the leakage rate had been reduced to 32%.

  Customer evaluation

  In line with the corporate culture concept of "my heart, you are at ease", Kailiu foreign trade department has continued to follow up services for three years, and Kailiu's high-quality products and timely and thoughtful services have been affirmed by Sri Lanka's national water authority.