Application of intelligent water meter under the background of water big data

n most countries, non resident water use is often a wind vane of urban economic prosperity. During the global financial crisis in 2008, the water consumption of cities,

Can electromagnetic flowmeter and electromagnetic water meter replace each other?

Electromagnetic water meter and electromagnetic flowmeter are two products. Although their principles are similar, the requirements of electromagnetic water meter are higher.

Four development stages of instrumentation

Instrumentation is the source of information and an important tool for human beings to obtain knowledge about nature and understand the world. As the basic structure of information society,

Large variation of measuring range of electromagnetic flowmeter

With the continuous development and gradual improvement of water conservancy facilities, the prospect of farmland irrigation will be more and more broad. New scientific farming methods such as sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation will be carried out rapidly.

Reconstruction of nanometer resolution by quantum precision measurement technology

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of about 1m to 1mm and a corresponding frequency of about 300MHz to 300GHZ. Since the German physicist Heinrich Hertz first generated microwave signals at the end of the 19th century,

Research and development of electromagnetic flowmeter

The research and development of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has been developed to practical application in all walks of life

Selection of sewage flowmeter

The instrument selection shall avoid one-sided pursuit of high performance and high accuracy, which not only increases the purchase cost, but also the cost of spare parts. The optimal design and selection is to select instruments with good reliability and convenient maintenance on the premise of meeting the use requirements.

Understanding electromagnetic flowmeter from the perspective of use

Because electromagnetic flowmeter has the characteristics of high reliability, strong corrosion resistance and easy to change the measurement range, it has been widely used in many industries at home and abroad.

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