Large variation of measuring range of electromagnetic flowmeter

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  With the continuous development and gradual improvement of water conservancy facilities, the prospect of farmland irrigation will be more and more broad. New scientific farming methods such as sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation will be carried out rapidly. Using flowmeter to detect the effect and cost of irrigation process, so electromagnetic flowmeter has begun to play a role in farmland irrigation. Tap water industry is related to the life of urban people and is the infrastructure of urban development. The flow measurement in the production process of tap water industry includes the measurement of incoming raw water. On the one hand, it is used to compare with the flow of finished water as the basis of production management, energy management and cost management; On the other hand, as the settlement basis for calculating the cost of raw materials, many places provide the quantity of finished water on the one hand, and provide reliable data for energy management and quality control in the production process; Production water measurement provides data for calculating cost and leakage rate.

  Municipal drainage is to measure domestic wastewater and rainwater. The substances contained in domestic wastewater are complex, and its flow mostly depends on gravity, and the flow rate is low. In order to improve the environment and save water resources. Sewage treatment equipment has become the basic construction equipment of the city. Electromagnetic flowmeter measures the amount of incoming sewage, outgoing water and treated sludge in the sewage treatment plant, which can calculate the treatment efficiency, adjust the process parameters and reduce the cost. The measurement range of tap water and municipal drainage flow changes very little, and the newly designed tap water and municipal drainage pipe network will leave sufficient room for future development. The actual flow varies greatly with season and day and night. Only electromagnetic flowmeter can meet such a large measurement variation range.

  MGG / KL series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a fully intelligent flowmeter developed by our company with high-end technology at home and abroad. It has high measurement accuracy, high reliability, good stability and long service life. In the process of designing product structure, material selection, manufacturing technology, production assembly and factory test, we are very meticulous and strict. We have also designed a set of domestic production equipment and flow real flow calibration device dedicated to electromagnetic flowmeter, so as to effectively ensure the long-term high quality of products in terms of software and hardware.