MGG/KL model electromagnetic flow sensor is made depend on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, and linearly transfer the fluid flow of pipe into voltage signal, which will be mated with MGG/KL model electromagnetic flow converter to be named MGG/KL model electromagnetic flow meter, and used to measure the flow of kinds of conductive liquids.


LDM-51 open channel electromagnetic flow meter is a flow automatic measuring instrument use for continuous measurement in open pipeline(half pipe sewage or mass flow pipe with none down flow weir) by velocity-area method. It can measure and display instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, accumulated flow rate and any other data. It’s specially applicable to the measurement of municipal rainwater、sewage water、waste water and irrigation water.


MGG/KL-DCW model electromagnetic water meter is specially designed for water industry, to satisfy urban water supply and fees settlement. It widely used in the working sites without power source such as city water supply, heat supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy, water projects and etc.


This meter designs for the partition and area system's measurement. The excellent performance will make the trade settlement of water supply and consumption units more easier. Not only it could realize the automatic double direction flow measurement, pressure measurement, site instantaneous flow, forward/reverse accumulative flow display and selfdiagnostic faults alarm, but also data wireless remote transfer function. The user could realize the flow data wireless remote transfer and storage by strong GSM/GPRS remote management software system, and improve the reading and measuring work to process management. It will be easier to know the running status of water supply, and get better economic efficiency for our users.


MGG/KL-DC model electromagnetic water meter is designed specially for water industry, to satisfy urban water supply and water resource management system(RTU), provide information management service, and ensure accurate water fees calculation, which is widely used to the sites without power supply, such as city water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy project and other water resource management industries.


The MGG/KL-DCB series of electromagnetic velocity meter is portable instrument flow designed for the flow velocity/rate measurement. It’s professional for agricultural irrigation, hydrologic monitoring, rivers flow monitoring, municipal water.

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