Can electromagnetic flowmeter and electromagnetic water meter replace each other?

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  Electromagnetic water meter and electromagnetic flowmeter are two products. Although their principles are similar, the requirements of electromagnetic water meter are higher.

  As for whether they can replace each other, we can only say that they have their own advantages.

  Both measurement principles adopt the principle of electromagnetic induction, but this does not mean that the two products are the same. For example, both Violin and erhu use friction to vibrate the strings, but they are very different products.

  Electromagnetic water meter and electromagnetic flowmeter are composed of two parts, one is sensor (measuring part) and the other is converter (meter head part). Due to the different standards implemented by the two, the electromagnetic flowmeter implements the industrial standard (JB / T 9248-2015 electromagnetic flowmeter) and the electromagnetic water meter implements the national standard (GB / T 778-2018 drinking cold water meter and hot water meter). Therefore, the structural design and electrical design of the product are very different, and the same procedures and calculation methods are also very different. The upper and lower limits of measurement are different, so the accuracy (accuracy level) is not comparable. The measurement range of electromagnetic water meter is wide, the lower limit is low, and the measurement range of electromagnetic flowmeter is narrow.

  Electromagnetic flowmeter is more suitable for measuring at stable flow rate, while the flow rate of water meter measuring medium is often changing.

  In terms of functions, the electromagnetic water meter is richer than the electromagnetic flowmeter. The electromagnetic water meter supports wireless, Bluetooth, GPRS / Nb IOT, hand reader, remote data storage, and some water meters also support SD card data backup. Protection mode: IP68 protection is required for water meters.

  Moreover, due to the special requirements of the water meter industry, most electromagnetic water meters use battery power supply, which has more stringent requirements on the power consumption of the instrument. The service life of the electromagnetic water meter battery is guaranteed to be 5 years.

  To sum up, electromagnetic water meter and electromagnetic flowmeter are two different products. The only thing that is the same is the measurement principle. For electromagnetic water meter, it is more difficult in technology and more comprehensive in function.