Irrigation ● USA

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  Case background

  The irrigation area of the United States is 1999 million ha, of which 11.11 million ha is furrow irrigation, accounting for 55.6% of the irrigation area, and sprinkler and drip irrigation account for 27% of the irrigation area. Underground irrigation technology has also been applied. The United States has good support conditions for the research and development of modern irrigation technology, and the U.S. Bureau of reclamation and other institutions are all over the United States, Provide good technical support for irrigated agriculture according to local climate and water source conditions. The irrigation water price in the United States is based on the average cost price, including operation and management costs, as well as the additional fees paid by the government to protect water resources. The water fee is charged according to the water consumption. The U.S. Bureau of reclamation uses automatic control technology for irrigation water distribution scheduling, combined with accurate metering equipment to improve water distribution efficiency.


  Project requirements

  For water measurement, electromagnetic flowmeter has won a solid market share and reputation in the agricultural irrigation market in various states. The agricultural irrigation market in the United States still has a lot of room to rise. Different instrument lines need to be introduced for different market needs. The agricultural irrigation market needs the reliability of products and services, that is, high manufacturing quality and low failure rate.


  Product application

  The construction of irrigation project needs to correctly master the method of measuring flow in irrigation system. At present, there are two main methods, namely velocity area method and hydraulic method. Each measurement method has its unique flow sensing (detection) part. For the application characteristics of irrigation systems in the United States, the electromagnetic flow products of open flow instruments have been developed and applied since 2014.


  Customer evaluation

  The excellent quality and long-term stability of electromagnetic flow products of open flow instruments have been recognized by American users, and the American business has also achieved stable growth.