MGG/KL-CC-DC model insertion type battery power electromagnetic flow meter designed for water industry, urban water supply and water resources management system(RTU). It provides information management services, ensure accurate water fee calculation and widely used for location without power. Such as: urban water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy project and other water management industries. MGG/KL-CC-DC insertion type battery power electromagnetic flow meter adopts sensor excitation system and high performance lithium battery power system with special designed. The 16-bit flushbonading low- consumption processor with digital signal processing has high accuracy, stable measurement and anti-interference performance. The built-in high performance lithium battery does not need external power, and low requirement for upstream and downstream straight pipe. It does not have to set parameter and cable connection so it will be very easy for the installation and almost work every different sites. The IP68 shell could work in the deep well for long time.


Insertion EMF Flow Meter

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