There are several measurement methods of open channel flowmeter

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  There are several measurement methods of open channel flowmeter

  Open channel flowmeter can be used in harsh environments, such as urban water supply diversion channel, sewage treatment inflow and discharge channel, enterprise wastewater discharge, etc. next, we will introduce the specific method of open channel flowmeter for flow measurement.

  Measurement methods of open channel flowmeter: water level method, velocity area method.

  Water level method: the measurement is realized by measuring the upstream (or upstream and downstream) water level of the water measuring structure and converting it into flow through empirical formula or experimental curve. Water level flowmeter needs to build water measuring structures, and the accuracy is not high.

  Velocity area method: a commonly used flow measurement method in open channels. The flow is obtained by measuring the cross-sectional area and cross-sectional velocity. The velocity area method does not need to build water measuring structures, has high accuracy and is not affected by the downstream jacking water. Electromagnetic flowmeter or Doppler velocity tester can be selected.

  Selection of open channel flowmeter:

  1. Accuracy grade and function: select the accuracy grade of the instrument according to the measurement requirements and application occasions, so as to achieve economic efficiency. For example, for the occasions of trade settlement, product handover and energy measurement, the accuracy level should be higher, such as level 1.0, level 0.5 or higher; For the occasion of process control, different accuracy levels shall be selected according to the control requirements; For occasions where accurate control and measurement are not required, plug-in open channel flowmeter with lower accuracy grade can be selected.

  2. When measuring the medium flow rate, instrument range and diameter, and measuring the general medium, the full-scale flow of the open channel flowmeter can be selected within the range of 0.5-12m / s.

  3. Fluid characteristics mainly refer to the pressure, temperature, density, viscosity and compressibility of gas. Since the volume of gas changes with temperature and pressure, whether compensation and correction should be considered.

  Above, we have introduced the flow measurement method of open channel flowmeter. If you have other questions, please call us at any time