Hand in hand with Colombo, made in China goes abroad

In 2015, the national water authority of Sri Lanka launched the "zoning metering and pipe network facilities reconstruction project" in Colombo. The project is a loan project from the Asian investment bank, and the general contractor is CAMCE international. Among them, the design and implementation of zoning metering are undertaken by the open flow instrument. The total investment of the project is USD 160 million, and the main objectives are to increase the scope of water supply, build the zoning measurement of urban water supply pipe network and transform the pipe network facilities.

Irrigation ● USA

The irrigation area of the United States is 1999 million ha, of which 11.11 million ha is furrow irrigation, accounting for 55.6% of the irrigation area, and sprinkler and drip irrigation account for 27% of the irrigation area. Underground irrigation technology has also been applied. The United States has good support conditions for the research and development of modern irrigation technology, and the U.S. Bureau of reclamation and other institutions are all over the United States, Provide good technical support for irrigated agriculture according to local climate and water source conditions. The irrigation water price in the United States is based on the average cost price, including operation and management costs, as well as the additional fees paid by the government to protect water resources. The water fee is charged according to the water consumption. The U.S. Bureau of reclamation uses automatic control technology for irrigation water distribution scheduling, combined with accurate metering equipment to improve water distribution efficiency.

10. What is your company culture and mission?

Integrity, Innovation and Excellence; best folw meters we do, best service you win.

9. How about your after sales service?

We have professional sale team who will talk and solve the problems timely for you online;br if big problems, we will change new products or send engineer to you;

8. What is the warranty time?

months after customers received the products;

7. What liquids could your products be used to?

Our electromagnetic flow meters could be used to measure the flow of kinds of conductive liquids, including waste water, raw water, irrigation water, chemical liquid, cement slurry and paper pulp etc; also we have open channel flow meters and electromagnetic water etc;

6. What’s kind of electromagnetic instrument can you produce?

We are specializing in electromagnetic flow meter, insertion electromagnetic flow meter, electromagnetic battery power flow meter, GPRS/GSM electromagnetic flow meter, electromagnetic velocity meter, electromagnetic BTU meter, partial filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter, submersible electromagnetic flow meter, open channel flow meter, electromagnetic water meter, special agricultural irrigation water meter, solar power system flow meter,etc.

5. May I get a Cheaper price?

Cheaper price available if your quantity large .

4. Can you make products with our brand?

Surely,we are welcome to cooperate as customized service.

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