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MGG/KL-QC submersible electromagnetic flow meter

MGG/KL-QC submersible electromagnetic flow meterIntroduce
MGG/KL-QC submersible electromagnetic flow meter consists of diving electromagnetic flow sensor and converter. Used in the continuous measurement of agricultural irrigation in open channel, close conduit and conducting liquid volume flow in the pipeline. Flow meter has been widely used in drainage of cities and towns , sewage treatment , water conservancy project , irrigation and other flow measurement.


> Agricultural irrigation
> Sewage waste treatment
> Municipal drainage system
> Water conservancy project
> Other flow measurement

Product Features

MGG/KL-QC submersible electromagnetic flow meter is not only stable and reliable as common electromagnetic flow meter, but also :

1. Apply to round, rectangular, trapezoidal, and other shape.
2. xpand the flow measurement range(simulation sensor.
3. Apply to the open channel, close conduit and river

MGG/KL-QC submersible electromagnetic flow meter1 MGG/KL-QC submersible electromagnetic flow meter2



Nominal diameter DN50 DN100 DN200 DN400 DN600 DN800 etc.
Accuracy ±0.5%, ±1%
Flow range(velocity) 0-10m/s
Medium Conductivity >20μS/cm
Maximum diving depth 10m
Electrode material Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti,stainless steel with imolybdenum 0Cr18Ni12MO2Ti, Ti,HB, HC and other specials
Medium temperature 0℃ -40℃
Current output 0-10mADC 4-20mADC
Frequency output 0-10kHz
Digital communication RS232, RS485, HART; SMS data package of message type, GPRS wireless data remote


Power supply 12VDC,24VDC, 220VAC power supply,3.6V battery

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