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MGG/KL-DC Integrate Battery Power Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Battery Power Electromagnetic FlowmeterSummarize
MGG/KL-DC battery power electromagnetic flow meter is specifically designed for the waterindustry to ensure the accurate calculation of city’s water supply. It is widely used in placeswithout power supply, such as urban water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy and
other industries.


Characters of MGG/KL-DC Battery Power Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter adopts specially design of sensor excitation system,and high-performance lithium battery-powered system. 16-bit embedded microprocessorwith alldigital signal processing ensures stability and high measurement accuracy. It alsohave functions such as anti-interference ability, automatic bi-directional flow measurement,instantaneous flow rate, positive/negative cumulative flow, pressure(special made), alarm, faultdiagnosis, GSM/GPRS and etc. The user can manage the flow data of wireless transmission,storage and analysis through the powerful GSM /GPRS remote management software.

Battery Power Electromagnetic Flowmeter1 Battery Power Electromagnetic Flowmeter2








Model Parameter MGG/KL-DC Battery Power Electromagnetic Flowmeter’s Technical Parameters
Diameter DN6mm-DN1200mm,DN100mm-DN3000mm(Choice for plug-in battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter).
Pressure 0.6~4.0Mpa(Special pressure customized)
Accuracy ±0.5%、±1.0%.
Measuring range 0 ~ 15m/s.
Medium conductivity >20μs/cm.
Medium temperature -10℃ ~ 160℃
Ambient temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Power supply 3.6V/DC built-in lithium battery-powered, continuous working hours more than 5 years.
Electrode material SUS316L, HC, HB, titanium, tantalum, platinum/iridium alloy.
Liner material Poly chloroprene rubber, Polyurethane rubber, Main technical parameters,PTFE, F46, PFA.
Connections Flange type, Plug-in, Clamping type.
Protection class IP68
Converter Integrated Segregate
Output signal Pulse output 0.00001-1m3/p, frequency output 1-1000Hz(passive output optocoupler)
Communication methods GSM (SMS data packet)/GPRS wireless data transfer/RS485.


  1. Independent high capacity battery power to ensure working time more than 5 years. It will reduce customer’s maintenance fees furthest and avoid the interference caused by external power and thunderstrike.
  2. Automatic double-direction flow measurement, pressure display, site instantaneous flow,forward/reverse accumulative flow display, self-diagnostic failure warning, off line, blank pipe,excitation fault, battery state and other functions which will make the customers to know the running status at the first time.
  3. Sectional linear correction while calibration process. It will ensure the same accuracy in all different sections of flow measurement.


  1. Sensor adopts advanced international technology, no movable parts inside and it will not be influenced by the change of density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity. And the special water-proof sealing technology to ensure the meter work normally under the water.
  2. Special designed structure of measuring tube, ultra-wide range could ensure the measuring accuracy of small flow in the condition nearly without pressure lost.
  3. Normal 4-electrodes structure, two grounding electrodes will ensure the signal be more stable.


Liner material Main performance Application
Neoprene Good elasticity and high breaking tenacity,good wearing resistance performance; resist common concentrated acid,alkali and salt. 1.Max temperature of medium is 80C;2.mainly used to measure water, sewage, slurry and pulp etc.
PTFE The chemical performance of PTFE is the most stable in all plastics, and resist boiled hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid,nitric acid aqua regia, concentrated alkaline and kinds of organic solutions; food degree material. Temperature of medium: -40C to 180C;mainly used to strong corrosive medium like concentrated acid, alkali and sanitary medium.
PU (Polyurethane) With excellent wear resisting property(equals to ten times of natural rubber);but bad acid and alkali resisting property; Max temperature of medium should be less than 80C; used to measure pulp and coal slurry with middle strong abrasion
FEP Chemical performance is similar with PTFE, negative pressure resisting property is better than PTFE; food degree material, price is higher. Same with PTFE
PFA Chemical performance is similar with PTFE; with good negative pressure resisting property; food degree material, price is higher. Same with PTFE

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