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LDM-51 open channel electromagnetic flow meter


Product function introduction

LDM-51 open channel electromagnetic flow meter is a flow automatic measuring instrument use for continuous measurement in open pipeline(half pipe sewage or mass flow pipe with none down flow weir) by velocity-area method. It can measure and display instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, accumulated flow rate and any other data. It’s specially applicable to the measurement of municipal rainwater、sewage water、waste water and irrigation water.

The LDM-51 open channel electromagnetic flow meter is composed by a electromagnetic velocity sensor, a water level sensor and a flow display. It continuous measure the flow rate and liquid level of the liquid in the pipe. The user only input the circular pipe diameter or width of the square pipes, LDM-51 open channel electromagnetic flow meter will automatically calculate and display the flow, instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, accumulated flow rate and etc. measure parameters.


 Basic function

  • Low-frequency square-wave exciting, exciting frequency: 1/16 power frequency;
  • Exciting current can be selected for 50mA, 75Ma, 100 mA;
  • Current speed range: 01 — 10m/s,current speed resolution: 1mm/s;
  • DC 6V switching power,range of voltage: 3.6VDC;
  • DC 12V switching power,range of voltage:12VDC — 30VDC;
  • Network function:MODBUS(RTU), TTL LEV 3.6VDC power;
  • English displaying mode(other languages can be set);
  • Forward and reverse measurement could be customized, and record: Forward gross, reverse gross, show 10-digits;
  • Used for open channels(circular, Rectangular, and special channels);
  • Used for continuous measurement of municipal rainwater, sewage water, waste water and irrigation water;
  • Both forward and reverse flow measurement;
  • Sensors can be in bad live and waste water quality under long-term reliable operation;
  • The velocity measurement range: 0.05 — 10 m/s;
  • High measurement precision and it is not affected by the downstream tributary of harmony to the factors of water blocking;
  • Short measuring pipe straight pipe requirements;
  • Big screen back light liquid crystal display, whether bright light or night to be able to clearly read measurement data;
  • Instrument display and output the function is available, it can display instantaneous flow velocity of cumulative flow data, and communication interface with the computer RS485 (optional);
  • GSM and GPRS wireless data remote transmission function (optional);
  • Nominal diameter circular pipes: DN100 — DN6000(ultrasonic level meter: depth DN<h; range > 5cm; stress level meter 2DN<h; range>2cm. DN is diameter size)
  • Rectangular pipe: width ≤6m, depth ≤32m.




Channel width 0.5-30m
Power supply AC220V, DC12V, DC3.6V(DC battery power)
Current output 0-10mADC 4-20mADC
Electrode SUS316L, HB, HC, Ti, Ta and etc
Measurement Accuracy ±0.5%, ±1%,±2.5%
 range flow velocity 0.05-10m/s
Water level measurement ultrasonic/pressure-type/float ball liquid level meter
Power dissipation ≤5W
Flow velocity display maximum 19.99 Flow display:1000
 communication GPRS, RS-485[(MODBUS(RTU)]

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