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Electromagnetic velocity meter

electromagnetic velocity meterSummary

The MGG/KL-DCB series of electromagnetic velocity meter is portable instrument flow designed for the flow velocity/rate measurement. It’s professional for agricultural irrigation, hydrologic monitoring, rivers flow monitoring, municipal water.



The low-power design and full digital signal
processing technology make measurement more stable and reliable. The range is wide and high accuracy. It widely applies to the measurement of flow velocity and rate for industry requires moving frequently such as agricultural irrigation, hydrology and water conservancy.

Main feature:

  1. No movable parts, no winding. No choked flow, no maintenance, avoid troubles of other calibration and testing;
  2. Micro-power design can last 80 hours when replace the battery(Ⅱ-model,optional for level sensor);
  3. LCD big screen back light display shows measuring data clearly in sunlight and night;
  4. The instrument interface display velocity、flow(Ⅱ-model), accumulative total(Ⅱ-model), level(Ⅱ-model), flow direction, electric quantity, alarm information, running time, running status;
  5. Simple operation, wading rod measurement, wire measurement and sailing measurement are available choice.
  6. Auto power shut off.

 Main technical parameters

  1. Range: Velocity 0.005m/s~10m/s(resolution 5mm/s);
  2. Accuracy: ±1.0%FR+0.005m/s;
  3. Acquisition time: Auto 10S~900S adjustable, hand control time;
  4. Power: 1.5V*5pcs NO.5 battery;
  5. Display: LCD big screen back light display, flow(Ⅱ-model), accumulative total(Ⅱ-model), level(Ⅱ-model), flow direction, electric quantity, alarm information, running time, running status;
  6. Physical interface: RS485(optional);
  7. Conductivity: >20µs/cm;
  8. Medium temperature: 0℃~60℃;
  9. Ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃;
  10. Display digits: 3 digits(X.XXX);
  11. Size:204*100*35mm(Display);
  12. Size:Φ32×460(mm)(Sensor);
  13. Measuring rod:Normal 500mm×Sections (500mm×optional sections) or lifting accessories.



Measurement range flow velocity 0.01-10m/s (resolution ratio 5mm)
Power supply 1.5V*5 removable alkaline battery
Display method LCD big screen back light display
Communication interface RS485
Accuracy ±1.0%
Water level indication water level is 5-digits, flow velocity is 5-digits, flow rate is 5 digits

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